Paradisum is a new group of young musicians from Britain. Aged between 17 and 22, the men of Paradisum received classical choral training in several of Britain's best cathedral choirs.

They were brought together by Richard Childress, an American-born singer, voice coach and choral conductor who wanted to create a young band built on smooth choral harmonies but with a new and edgier sound. Employing both traditional and sampled instrumentation, the band's influences come from choral, orchestral, electronica, popular, medieval and world music.

The band's developing sound is being described as "ambient fusion" and "post-choral". In 2007, following first hearings of the band's demo tracks, Paradisum attracted considerable attention and gained a new executive producer with some 30 years experience as a top executive in the record industry.

As a result there have been several new and exciting developments. You can keep up to date if you go to the band's myspace page and subscribe to their weblog.